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sports leagues & classes: faq's

Chicago Sport & Social Club FAQ'S

  • What is the deadline to register for leagues?

    There is no deadline for any of our leagues. We treat them all on a first come, first serve basis. We offer no preferential treatment. Whenever all of our allotted space fills up, is when we cut off registration. Some of our leagues fill quicker than others, so we always encourage people to register as quickly as possible. Just because there is space in the morning, doesn’t mean it won’t fill before the afternoon.

  • Where is your office located?

    ​We are located on the third floor, Suite 306, of 770 N. Halsted (Chicago/Halsted).

  • How old do you have to be to participate?

    In order to attend any of our social events or leagues you must be at least 21 years old. 

  • What are your office hours?

    ​We are open Monday through Friday from 8:30am-5:00pm. We are closed all weekends, but we do have 24 security at the front desk if something must be dropped off.

  • How do I register?

    ​There are a few different ways to register.  The quickest and easiest is to register through our website using a credit card (Visa/MasterCard/AMEX/Discover).  Just go to the sport you are interested in and click on “register for a league” on the right side of the page.  Then click on register button.  The first thing you need to do on our site is create a login by signing up on the site for the first time.  This is different than your registration login, but once you sign in for the first time it will connect with your registration login.  You can sign up and create a login by either connecting through Facebook or creating your own username and password through this link

    After you have created a login you can then register through the site through your previous registration login.  We can also fax you a registration.  You can also mail in a registration or come by our office with payment.  We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, AMEX, checks and cash.  There can be a combination of payments, but it must all come together and must be the total amount.  For any league over $750 you can register online and pay a 50% deposit and then you have 14 days to pay off your balance. 

  • Why do I get two confirmation emails? Was I charged twice?
    If you signed up once and were the person to register the team you will receive an email. also sends a confirmation to anyone that you put email addresses for on the roster.  The two emails are slightly different, but you are only charged once.

  • Can I sign up over the phone?

    ​We do not accept any orders over the phone.  You must either sign up online, fax in a registration, or mail/drop off your registration.

  • Is the website secure?

    ​Yes.  We use a third party for our registration,  They are protected and secure by Verisign.  If you have any questions, please call them at (888) 543-7223 x4.

  • Can you hold me a spot?
    We do not hold any spots.  The only way to get a confirmed spot in a league is to submit a roster and FULL payment.  We accept no partial payments. For any league over $750 you can register online and pay a 25% deposit and then you have 14 days to pay off your balance. 

  • Can you fit one more team in the league even though it says it is sold out?

    ​Once a league is full, there is no way to just add another team to the schedule.  Many of our leagues already account for a BYE week.  We only have a certain amount of hours and weeks that we can play at the particular facility, and we base our capacity on that number.  We do have a waiting list many times, but the only way to get off that list is if another team drops out.

  • What if I don't have a team?

    ​In most of our leagues we offer both team and individual registration.  If you go to the sport of your choice and click on “register for a league” you will see two different prices.  The lower of the two, “INDY,” is for individual registration.  If you sign up as an individual we will place you together with other individuals that sign up to form a team that way. If the price on the right hand side says "NA," that means we do not offer individual signups for that league.  Another way to try and get on a team is posting a message on our Facebook page. 

  • How do I get the same individual team as a friend of mine?

    ​If you are signing up as an individual we can get you and your friend(s) on the same team depending on availability.  If you register through our website there is a question on the registration form that asks, “Is there anyone else’s team you would like to be on.”  Fill in your friend(s) name there.  If you fax or mail it in, just include a note with your friend’s name.  You can also always call us before we put the teams together (at least one week before the league starts).

  • What can I do if I don't have my own team but you don't offer the level I want as an individual?

    ​If we do not offer the level or league you want as an individual, you can always put a posting on our Facebook page.  We do not offer all leagues for individuals because we do not get enough interest to fill a full team.  Our Facebook page is a great way to put your own posting to get on a team or check and see if another team has put up a posting of their own.

  • What do we do if we already paid but now have a sponsor check?

    ​This is a pretty common occurrence.  Many teams will register and pay for their league so that they don’t get shut out, while they wait for a bar or company check.  Once we receive the check we will refund the person that paid for the league.  We will either refund the card used to pay for the league (takes no more than 2-3 days to post to account) or mail them a refund check in about 8-10 business days.

  • When can I expect to hear about the team or schedule for the league I signed up for?

    ​We typically send out all schedules via email and post them on the website about one week before the league starts.  This is all dependent on registrations and when a league fills.  Individuals can expect to hear a couple days before the league starts about their team and the players on their team.  It usually takes longer to get the individual teams put together.

  • How long is the season?

    Most of our leagues consist of a six or seven game regular season and playoffs.  Some leagues are shorter, but will be specifically denoted. Many leagues will state a guaranteed number of games, which includes the regular season plus at league one regular season game.  For example, if a soccer league states guaranteed seven games that means six regular season followed by at least one playoff game. 

  • How long do we play for?

    Most of our leagues run between 45 minutes to one hour.  We list a window of time that each league runs for, and you will within that time frame.  Your game times will rotate each week throughout the season.  Games for times sports (soccer, basketball, football) can be either 20, 22, or 25 minute halves depending on the league/sport.  Consult our office for league specifics. 

  • What if I don't have all my teammates information?

    In order to register, we only initially need the captain’s information.  In the confirmation email there will be a link to have players add themselves to the online roster and also to create a profile on our website.  We consider the waiver form that everyone fills out at the league to be your final roster.  Make sure everyone that is on your team fills out completely and signs the waiver form.

  • Why is there only a two week schedule? When will we get the full season schedule?
    For most of our leagues we start off by giving everyone a two-week schedule.  This allows us to still accept registrations until the second week.  It also enables us to tweak things if something comes up or there is a change in the schedule.  We always have the full season schedule available online and out at the league by the second week of the season.

  • When will we receive our t-shirts?

    ALL NEW CSSC JERSEY PROGRAM!​ All of our participants get a league t-shirt/jersey. Jerseys now provided for all players! Each jersey set includes the pre-bundled sizes determined by our office (No exchanges). Teams may purchase additional shirts or sizes for $5 per shirt

  • Can we change out a team name?

    ​We can change a team’s name at any point in the season.  Just call or email us the change and we will make the adjustment.

  • What is the sponsor bar? What if we have our own sponsor?
    For all of our leagues we promote a sponsor bar.  This is a place for all teams to go and get drink or food specials at a great bar close to the facility.  Oftentimes the winning team will receive a free pitcher.  Many teams get their own sponsors.  This is acceptable.  It is a great way to help defray your cost for playing in the league.  Each bar does it differently, but contact the bar or go to and see what they are willing to offer to sponsor your team in our league. 
  • Can we switch which league or level we are in?

    ​We can switch you to another night/level/location if there is room in the league you wish to move to.  Switching leagues is dependent upon availability.  Once a league starts we cannot switch teams, unless we get a team to switch with you.

  • What is your refund policy?

    Absolutely NO refunds, credits, vouchers, or transfers to a future season, no

    matter the circumstances (which also includes, but is not limited to illness

    and injury), within seven days (one week) of the originally posted start date of the league

    or class. There will be a $25 processing fee for individuals and a $50

    processing fee for teams for ALL refunds requested more than seven days prior to

    the originally posted start date of the league or class. There will be a $20

    fee for any returned checks. The $3.50 registration fee is non-refundable even

    in circumstances where a league or event is cancelled. All social events,

    parties and outings are non-fundable no matter the circumstances.



  • What happens if a league rains out? When do you make your decision to cancel?

    We make up all cancelled games by adding them to the end of the regular season schedule.  ​If there is inclement weather or a potential for cancellation, we update the weather alerts on our homepage and your league page as well as our weather hotline (312-733-7100) first.  If a league is cancelled we begin by emailing and calling everyone that we have contact information for.  We try to make a decision as early as possible, but oftentimes weather does not break until late.  We make our decisions based on what the actual weather has done/is doing, not based on forecasts or potential threats of a storm.  If you are ever concerned, you can always check the weather hotline before you leave for a league.  We will inform all players about how we plan on making up the cancelled game.

  • What is the difference between Recreational, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Competitive, and Open?

    Recreational, (Rec) - The recreational level is geared towards participants that are just looking to have fun. This is the most basic level that the CSSC offers, you can think of it as the "beginners" level. Participants that play at this level are out to enjoy themselves and not out for the sheer competition of the  sport. Most players have not played on an organized team before or have only played for a couple of seasons. This is a great level for beginning teams to start and a great way to begin your team's dynasty.

    Intermediate, (Int) - The intermediate level is geared towards participants who are still relatively new to the sport but are seeking a little bit more competition. You can think of it as the "middle of the road" level. Participants that play at this level have a good knowledge of the rules and the game and are ready to become more competitive but are still not all that serious. Most participants at this level have played for a few seasons. This is a great level for those teams that have had success at the recreational level and are now ready to step their game up!

    Upper Intermediate, (Up Int) - The Upper Intermediate level is geared towards the participant that has been involved in the sport for a while and are definitely ready to become more competitive. You can think of this level as the "above average" level. Participants at this level can expect a high quality of competition. Most participants at this level have played the sport for quite some time and have a strong base in the fundamentals of the sport. This is a great level for teams to begin bridging the gap between regular player and professional stud!

    Competitive, (Comp) - The Competitive level is geared towards the participant that has played their respective sport for a large portion of their life and enjoys the sheer competition of the sport. You can think of this level as the "professional's" level. Participants at this level should definitely have their game face on and expect a tough game. This is great level for those of you who are in it to win it!

    Open - The Open level is available to all levels of play. It is "open" to everyone. It is a combination of skill levels that usually skews towards the intermediate level, depending on the sport.

  • What do I do if my team has to forfeit or has a forfeit against us?

    ​Chicago Sport & Social Club Forfeit Rules/Procedures

    This policy is in place to handle and address all teams that need to forfeit and how they go about doing it as well as those that have a forfeit against them.  Please be considerate of others and proactive. The goal of any team or league is to play actual games and not have forfeits.

    If your team needs to forfeit, here is what to do:

    1. Don’t forfeit!  It is the expectation of everyone to have games, so do whatever you can to field a team.During the regular season you can find subs or recruit from other teams. You can use our Facebook page ( or log in and leave comments on your sport’s page on to recruit players or find subs. Consult the rules of your league for the legal minimum to play a game.

    2. If you need to forfeit please call or email our office before 3pm CST on the day of your league for weekday leagues and prior to 5pm CST on Friday for Saturday and Sunday leagues. Our office number is 312-850-8196 or email Make sure to talk to someone or get a response confirming we received your forfeit notification. Your team will still receive a loss despite letting us know, and if you forfeit more than once you may be removed from the playoffs and/or league.

    3. If your team fails to notify us prior to 3pm CST on weekdays or 5pm CST on Friday for Saturday and Sunday leagues your team may be automatically removed from the playoffs and/or league.

    4. If your team must forfeit after 5:00pm on a weeknight or anytime on a weekend for a weekend league, please consult our contact us page (

    If your team had a forfeit against you:

    1. If the forfeiting team has adhered to contacting us ahead of time we will try to find another team to play against you in a friendly match. Depending on timing of the notice or your scheduled game time we may reach out to you first to make you aware and give you the choice to have the night off or to have us attempt to find a replacement opponent.

    2. If we have not been notified and you show up to your game and no opponent is present, our staff will do their best to find someone to stay and play you in a scrimmage.  If times/dates/space allow we will try and build in a makeup game, although in many cases that may not be possible.  We will address these on a case by case situation.

    If your team has experienced more than one forfeit against you please contact our office immediately at 312-850-8196 or so that we can look in to what is going on and work with your team on a viable solution.

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